What I Teach

Vinyasa Flow

A beautiful, fluid practice allowing you to explore your body’s capabilities and find your own unique expression of each asana. Progressive, creative sequencing and options for all levels, taught with humour and light heartedness to a killer playlist.

Partner Yoga

Connect with like-minded yogis and have fun building trust in yourself and your partner whilst helping each other deepen our practice. You’ll learn great alignment tips, laugh lots, and give and receive heaps of super yummy adjustments!

Acro Yoga

Acro yoga is a fusion between yoga, acrobatics and thai massage. Learn how to fly and base in a safe and inclusive environment whilst having fun with other like-minded yogis. You don’t even need to bring a partner, just an open heart and a big smile 🙂

Ashtanga Primary Series

A set sequence of postures with a strong focus on alignment and breath. Jenn teaches a modified primary series, with modifications and physical adjustments to ensure this dynamic practice is both safe and challenging for all students.

Gentle Hatha

A gentle, grounding practice to restore harmony and balance in the body. Hatha is translated as ‘ha’ meaning sun and ‘tha’ meaning moon. Through mindful practice we work to unite the opposite forces of flexibility and strength, effort and surrender.


Yin yoga is the perfect compliment to a dynamic practice. Poses are held for periods of up to 10 minutes to release the connective tissues and ligaments that require stillness to access them. Classes are taught to a beautiful soundtrack and complemented with poetry readings.


Deeply relaxing and calming, restorative yoga allows you to totally surrender to the practice. Props support you as you relax into light twists, seated folds and gentle backbends. Jenn incorporates spiritual readings and thai massage to enhance the experience

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