Yoga Massage

Jenn is a Thai Yoga Masseuse, certified by the internationally recognised Sunshine School in Chiang Mai Thailand.

Thai massage works on the energy lines of the body. The kneading of muscles, which dominates in Western style massage, is absent from Thai massage. Instead we work to systematically open and stretch the body, increasing prana flow and flexibility. this is why Thai massage is often referred to as ‘applied Hatha Yoga’ or ‘Yoga massage’ since that’s what this art essentially is.

Jenn expertly blends traditional Thai massage, applied stretching and yoga adjustments to compliment and enhance your yoga practice.

The Indian origin and influence is obvious since the background of this theory clearly lies in Yoga philosophy. Yoga philosophy states that life energy (called Prana) is absorbed with the air we breathe and with the food we eat. Along a network of energy lines, the Prana Nadis, the human being is then supplied with this vital energy. Out of these energy lines Thai massage has selected 10 mainlines on which there are especially important acupressure points. Massaging these lines and points makes it possible to treat a whole range of diseases or to relieve pain. The 10 mainlines are sufficient to conduct practical treatment for the whole body and its internal organs. Disturbances in the flow of energy result in an insufficient supply of Prana, which will in turn lead to sickness. Working on the energy lines with massage can break the blockades, stimulate the free flow of Prana, and help to restore general well-being.

Sessions typically last for 2 hours.

Please contact me using the ‘hello’ page to enquire about booking


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