12 Weird things travellers do when they come home …


1) Putting our loo roll in the bin, not down the bowl – this is now a completely automatic response with all toilet related situations

2) Spitting if we get water in our mouths whilst having a shower – blame the anti-malaria reflex

3) Loudly having a very personal and totally inappropriate convo in the back of the cab, and then remembering the driver speaks perfect English 😳

4) Totally disregarding most aspects of the Highway Code … providing we actually remember how to drive anything with 4 wheels

5) Eating pretty much everything with our hands (bonus points if it’s always the right)

6) Flicking off our flip flops before entering a shop … I did this at the local Tesco on my first day back – totes embarrassing!

7) Being incapable of setting an actual time for social engagements beyond “around sunset”

8) Revel in the joy that is walking past a shop and not being harassed. You’ll notice a traveller by the stupid grin they’re wearing as they walk very slowly past every available retail establishment on our (actually quite rubbish) high street

9) Adopt curious never-seen-before gestures when talking to our friends … Indian head wobble anyone?

10) When meeting people, going in for 5 cheek kisses / a slight bow / a wai / a gesture of namaste (delete as applicable) and ending up head butting your friend’s Mom or full on mouth kissing her – #awks

11) Leaning over the table and helping ourselves to everyone else’s food at a restaurant without asking. What? It’s communal!! 😉

12) Foregoing the offer of a nice comfy sofa at our Nan’s house and sitting cross legged on the carpet because it ‘feels more normal’ these days. Just watch the shell suit next to that pesky gas fire 😉

Beautiful Crazy India

It’s been a complete whirlwind since arriving here in beautiful Palolem, Goa on Sunday, hence no time to blog until now 🙂 After 24 hours travelling I was welcomed at “the nest” with a frozen daiquiri and a hug – well met Kim! After catching up with friends over dinner I settled into mine and Kim’s new apartment just 10 minutes walk from the beach. Tembewada is a cool little community of locals and ex pats all out here for the good life. We neighbour a little farm which features buffalo, chickens and a ridiculously loud cockerel who insists on waking us at 5am … Good wake-up call for yoga though 😉 this is the view from our kitchen window … say hello to Bruce.


I’ve fallen into an easy pattern of life here already … Morning yoga followed by a fresh coconut at a roadside stall (30p … Yes, really!) meet with the girls for healthy breakfast of juice and chai, sunbathing, reading, shopping, more eating and then watching the sun go down with a cocktail or 3 … Absolute bliss 🙏

Tonight’s sunset was particularly epic …


I love the community here. A dinner for 2 turns into a table of 10 and ‘one more drink’ turns into random conversations about life to the backdrop of chilled out house music and the sound of the waves.

Yesterday Guru (our indian jack of all trades) took me into choudy to stock up on essentials – an indian SIM, several bed sheets, a wedge of rupees and a rather fetching pink elephant bed throw – my room now looks suitably indian, and there is plenty of mat room so I’m leaving it unrolled out so I can roll straight out of bed and into my practice.

Yesterday evening we were invited to a dinner party in our village and had the most incredible meal cooked for us. A plan was make for an impromptu yoga class this morning on the hosts’ roof terrace and this morning I led a fun, but very sweaty vinyasa flow class followed by … You guessed it … More fresh coconuts.



Tomorrow I’ve been roped into doing a photoshoot for a promotional event in North Goa with this lovely lady ❤️ so will be hitting my bed early so I’m fresh faced for the 3 hour drive to the location tomorrow – hopefully looking better than we do here … watch this space!