Multi-style Yoga Retreat Confirmed!

yoko yoga

I am super excited to collaborating with my good friend and acro yoga partner Yoko Swami on the first week of this year’s Morocco retreats.

Together we’ll be offering a unique opportunity to experience several different styles of yoga in one transformational week in beautiful Morocco this September. Whether you are a beginner looking to try out different classes to find a practice you really resonate with, or an advanced practitioner who wants to expand your yoga repertoire, you’ll enjoy the expert tuition of not one, but two teachers, delicious gourmet veggie cuisine and lots of free time to soak up the culture, surf or simply chill out at our stunning mountain riad.

Regular yoga retreats usually focus on one or two styles of yoga, but with so many classes on offer in studios all over the world, we recognise the need for students to have the opportunity to experiment with different styles to find the one that really fits their individual needs. In this 8 day retreat we’ll explore the very best of ashtanga, vinyasa flow, hatha, slow flow, meditation and pranayama (yogic breathing). There will be plenty of time to relax and explore the local area and of course both teachers will be available to advise you on your practice and yoga journey.

Yoko’s yoga journey began in India in 1998. He has since spent many years exploring life and spirituality in India, a country he feels deeply connected to. Yoko has experimented with various types of yoga and meditation techniques over the years, with a special interest in the work of Osho. However, he has always returned to the traditional teachings of ashtanga and hatha yoga, where he finds discipline and structure. Yoko enjoys embedding these values into his teaching, guiding students to explore and master this beautiful practice and helping them to link breath, asanas, and mind, so that their practice becomes a meditation in movement. As a teacher, Yoko specialises in physical adjustments to ensure a safe practice where students’ can improve and deepen their understanding of the postures. As an experienced assistant in yoga teacher trainings, Yoko is able to adjust students of all levels intuitively and mindfully to help them deepen their practice while honouring their physical limitations.

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We look forward to welcoming you in beautiful Morocco!

The significance of ‘Namaste’


So I’ve just had a little tattoo on my forearm and quite a few of my students have asked me about the significance of the word ‘namaste’ …

The gesture of namaste is the joining of the hands together at heart chakra and is traditionally given as a greeting. It represents the belief that there is a divine spark in each and every one of us. It is an acknowledgement of one soul by another soul.

The literal translation of Nama-as-te is “I bow to you” and when done in a yoga class, is meant as a mutual respect and connection between student and teacher. It allows people to come together without the binds of the ego. Bowing our heads and closing our eyes allows us to surrender to each other. 

Namaste is a symbol of gratitude at the end of a class where the teacher gives thanks to both her students and her own teachers, and invites the class to connect to the immense lineage of yoga.


“I honour the place in you where Spirit lives,

I honour the place in you which is of Love, of Truth, of Light, of Peace.

When you are in that place in you,

and I am in that place in me,

then we are one”


Namaste ❤

An epiphany?



Its interesting when you get an epiphany. Having just started reading a book about a girl who travels to India to study yoga, today I met a teacher who is travelling to Mysore in February to study ashtanga with Guruji … At exactly the same time as I finish my contract in Morocco. A invitation has been extended – 3 month ashram immersion? hmmm