Embracing Change

It’s a daunting thing doing something new … thrusting yourself well and truly outside your comfort zone. After all, life is just a damn sight easier when we stick to what we know. We get to stay inside our safe little box, and its a lovely place to be because we know it – inside out and back to front.

But what if there comes a time where you’re unceremoniously thrown outside your comfort zone? What happens when it’s not your decision? When it hits you square in the face and there is no other choice than to immediately change tac.

Would you be frightened of change or would you embrace the unknown?

If we can begin to introduce elements of change and newness into our daily lives, it prepares us for those inevitable moments when the shit hits the fan. After all, nothing in life is permanent … not our careers, our relationships, our health, our emotions … all this will pass. The only thing that is certain in this life is change.

I’m beginning to learn that, for me at least, the key to happiness is the ability to be adaptable, to embrace change, to roll with the punches and accept every part of this beautiful and sometimes brutal journey of life, without expectations. I know, I know … easy for you to say … Right?

No it’s not easy, it’s bloody hard, especially when it feels like life is handing you lemon after lemon but this is why we need to bolster ourselves with a bit of practice.

Step outside your comfort zone … take yourself out for a beautiful meal, alone … talk to strangers … apply for the job you’re underqualified for … tell that person how you really feel … call the friend you fell out with years ago … plan absolutely nothing for the weekend and just see what unfolds … book a riad in Morocco and hope people turn up for your retreats!

Change doesn’t need to be scary. Embrace it, learn to love it, and then when life hands you lemons, you’ll make lemonade.

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