Jenn originally hails from a dance and circus background having performed professionally for 12 years. Her yoga journey began as a way to rehabilitate the frequent injuries that are so common with professional dancers. In addition to achieving a stronger, more supple body, she quickly began to experience the profound effect that yoga has not just on the body but the mind… she fell in love with this ‘moving meditation’. Following the completion of an intensive teacher training at Himalaya Yoga Valley Goa in 2012, Jenn began regularly teaching ashtanga, power and hot yoga in her native Birmingham before taking a leap of faith in 2013 and quitting her job to travel the world and teach.

During a year teaching on retreats in Morocco and Croatia, Jenn began to experiment with new ways of practicing. Drawing on her experience as a dancer and using improvisation, sequencing and music, her style naturally evolved into a creative vinyasa flow. 

Jenn is now an international yoga teacher and Thai yoga masseuse currently based in South Goa, and has taught extensively in the UK, Morocco, Croatia, India, Indonesia and Thailand. Her style continues to evolve as she immerses herself in the practice with incredible yogis all over the world. She is passionate about making yoga accessible yet challenging and connecting her students to the practice’s higher purpose as a vehicle for self acceptance and gratitude. Her classes are a light-hearted exploration of the body incorporating the flow and playfulness of her dance background, whilst staying true to the underpinning values of yoga.  Her uplifting vinyasa flow classes take students on a creative journey, exploring the use of breath, body and awareness to create a beautiful flowing practice taught to an awesome soundtrack.

In addition to vinyasa flow, Jenn teaches partner yoga, hatha, yin and restorative yoga. Her current yoga-obsession is acro yoga which she practices on the beaches of Goa with her partner Yoko. She is also a practicing Thai Yoga Masseuse certified with the internationally recognised Sunshine Network.

For Jenn,  yoga is practice of awareness, self acceptance and gratitude, allowing her to approach life with a sense of joy and openness. She encourages her students to have fun exploring their infinite capabilities … after all, what your body is allowing you to do is truly amazing!

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