The traveller who is tired of travelling


The world is full of opposite forces that push and pull against each other … sun & moon, light & shade, masculine & feminine, internal & external, love & hate. When these balance each other out we find harmony … you can’t really have one without the other. But what happens when there is a struggle between the two and we can’t seem to find that equilibrium. Can you love something and hate it all at the same time? How do you balance this and find peace within yourself?

I have a confession … I’m a traveller but recently I find myself growing tired of travelling. I’m done with the transient nature of it, the living out of a backpack, the not knowing what comes next.

After nearly two years on the road I’m missing stability, I’m missing a ‘home’. I miss simple things like having a fridge, knowing where to go for a decent coffee, I miss not having a space of my own to decorate with beautiful things, I miss having my pets and close friends nearby to offer a listening ear when I’m wavering on this path. As much as I love what I do, and I am truly blessed to have found my calling in life, this journey can be challenging and I have come to realise that I don’t really have a home. A realisation that can at times be upsetting, especially when friends who are 10 years my junior are settling down, getting married and having babies, especially when I have a perfectly lovely house in the UK but have no desire to go back to it.

And so I begin to weigh up my options. How can I continue to follow my dream of teaching yoga and living in a beautiful tropical country yet find the stability and the ‘home’ that I crave. I’ve come to realise that I’m fine when I’m in a place for a period of time. Last season in Goa was incredible … largely because I was there for 5 months, I worked for a great studio, I had an apartment (with a fridge) and made wonderful friends. I like to stay in one place, to immerse myself in the community and become part of that community. So I’ve resolved to spend at least 3 months in one place when I can.

I also understand that, for the foreseeable future, going back to the UK is not an option for me. I’ve committed to this path, this journey to find my own little slice of heaven where I can set up my dream studio and to go back would be to sell out. Instead I continue to navigate my way through this life, trusting my intuition, trusting that the universe will provide. When all is said and done, all we have is our authenticity, and all we can do is live our truth and do our best to cultivate that unshakable faith that everything will turn out alright… If we have the courage to live what we love.

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