Have you practiced yoga today?

As a teacher, I’m often asked how much yoga I ‘do’. When people ask this they’re usually referring to how much time I spend on my mat, and although yes, this is a vital part of any teacher’s day, my yoga is so much more than my physical practice. My answer is that I try to practice yoga all the time, in everything I do.

‘Yoga’ in its simplest form means ‘union’… to unite ourselves with the universe around us. Our ‘yoga’ can be the loving kindness we show to others, the compassion we develop for ourselves, looking after the environment and being grateful for the awesomeness of every day.

So if you don’t feel like banging out some sun salutations today, that’s perfectly fine đŸ™‚ go spend some quality time with your family or with yourself instead. Rest, nurture, love, appreciate, respect, LIVE!! Now you’re practicing yoga!


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