Live Your Truth

image Starting at a new studio is always a really interesting experience for me … explaining why I need a plug point for my speakers, and no, I don’t need the Tibetan singing bowls or the yoga straps thank you 🙂

Going through this process with a new studio always makes me reflect on why I teach the way I do.

When I first started this journey I really struggled with my identity as a teacher. I stuck to the sequence I was taught in my training, working very classically with yoga postures, I definitely didn’t teach to music and yes … I had a ‘yoga voice’ … you know the one I mean, like a children’s primary school counsellor in slow mo 😉

I realised I wasn’t connecting with my teaching. Don’t get me wrong, I loved giving class, I just didn’t experience that profound feeling of joy that I heard my other yoga teacher friends talking about. I wasn’t being ‘me’.

So I started experimenting with music … yoga-friendly stuff to begin with and my practice began to unfold … I began to explore, to create, to dance, to let go and really get into my body. I started to teach with humour and lightheartedness … I started to teach to Snoop Dog.

It’s taken me a long time to be ok with the way I teach though … for a long time I thought, ‘this feels great, but it’s not yoga’. I realise now that all life is yoga. You don’t have to do chaturanga to develop that deep awareness of yourself. Sometimes you just need to let the beautiful animal of your body move freely, use your breath to guide you, and trust yourself to guide yourself.

Be authentic in all you do. You’re not on this earth to be liked, you’re here to live your truth. I’m a self confessed ‘people pleaser’ but I’ve come to realise I can only share what I know, with sincerity and love.

I’ll continue to look forward to that weekly traditional hatha class I love, because the teacher teaches from the heart… and in the meantime I’ll be putting the finishing touches to a new yoga dubstep playlist for my inversions class.

Happy Tuesday gorgeous beings

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