No Fear


Ok so we’ve established the importance of play both on and off the mat to create a fun and joyful practice. If that wasn’t enough to coax out your inner child … I’m hoping this post will have you playing hopscotch with your neighbours kids 😉

We all know children seem to have no fear right? They throw themselves wholeheartedly into activities with little thought of the consequences. Case in point … have you ever seen a child practicing handstands on the beach or in the park? They try, they fall, they cry and go running to Mommy, but after a quick cuddle, they’re back out practicing within minutes, having seemingly forgotten they ever messed up.

I don’t believe children are like this because they have a lack of fear of hurting themselves, it’s because of their lack of inhibitions. They really don’t give two shits if they fall over and look silly … How many adults can truly say the same?

We are so concerned with what other people think of us, so frightened of not getting it right, that we sabotage ourselves.

In my classes I encourage my students to learn as children learn. Turn up … Try … Fall … Laugh … Repeat. That’s yoga!!!

As you can see from this video, my handstands are still a work in progress. I do my best and it’s perfectly enough that I just show up for myself every day and embrace the challenge.

So, can we start to honour the child within and use yoga as a tool to forget our ‘failures’ and keep going, viewing each challenge as a new experience. And if we can develop this tenacity on the mat imagine the possibilities if we apply it to our daily lives. We would throw ourselves wholeheartedly into life, embracing challenges and living fully in the present moment … how frickin awesome would that be? 😉

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