Take the Leap … and build your wings on the way down


What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? … Change your job, take up that hobby, book that flight, tell someone how you really feel, attempt that handstand??

Being afraid of failure prevents us from taking the risks that can positively transform our lives, allowing us to follow our dreams, fulfill our dharma and live with authenticity.

We’ve all heard people say “there is no such thing as failure” but this isn’t really true. We try and fail frequently … Such is life, and such is the learning process. When we begin to shift our mindset to see failure as a positive experience rather than negative, as something that results in learning and growth, then the magic really starts to happen and our lives and yoga practice open up. After all, we always seem to learn more from our failures than our successes don’t we?

In class, I try to encourage students to connect with their inner child to cultivate an environment where we can take risks and not become attached to the results. Yoga, as with life is made to be explorative and fun!

Have you ever watched a child learning to handstand? They put their full attention and effort into it. They practice and practice … They push their boundaries. They fall over, cry and once they’ve had a cuddle and the snot wiped from their little noses, they’re back practicing again within a few minutes with renewed determination.

So let’s learn how children learn …

I challenge you to take the risk and see where it takes you. Yes you will fall … You may fall many times before you get there, but such is life and if we can take this attitude and transcend it beyond the mat we can transform not just our yoga practice but our lives.

So what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? … I know what it was for me …

so maybe I’ll see you in Goa 😉

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