Why do bad things come in threes?


We all know that feeling when something bad happens in our lives and it seems to snowball. Before we know it, it feels like everything is going wrong. Some call it ‘sods law’ (the theory that if something can go wrong it will), or just plain bad luck, but whatever the explanation it can make you feel pretty shitty.

So why exactly does bad luck seem to come in threes and what can we do to stop this pattern?

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been realising that inherently, when something bad happens, we slip into a negative head space, and we therefore begin to invite negative things into our lives. I’m a great believer that like attracts like, and by being negative, we attract negative things… And so the pattern begins. 

Perhaps by the time the third rubbish things happens, we’ve resigned ourselves to the fact that it cant get much worse. When you’re on the floor, you can’t feel much lower and we start to feel differently … We dare to hope. By shifting our mindset we begin to invite positive, healing things into our lives and things miraculously start to improve.

Similarly when things are going great we start taking it for granted. We lose our ‘attitude of gratitude’ and the universe ultimately steps in to remind us that we need to appreciate what we have. This may explain the phenomenon that just as everything is going swimmingly, something will happen to put you straight back on your ass…. Such is life 🙂 

So I’ll be taking a lesson from these three wise monkeys. Surround yourself with positive energy and refuse negativity … Choose not to see it, speak it, hear it. 

Be the change you want to see ❤


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