A holiday from the holiday

After hosting a fun but gruelling 2 yoga surf retreats in a row, we have been rewarded with some time off to recharge our batteries. With 4 long days stretching out in front of us we hop in the Dacia and head up the coast to Essaouira, a picturesque medina town about 3 hours north of Agadir.  We set off mid morning cruising along the costal road stopping off at Imsouane for a petit dejune of mint tea, Moroccan pancakes and amlou at a little French patisserie. The surf looks awesome here and the place is really geared up for it with little shacks serving fish and tagine.
Arriving in Essaouira, we park the car at the port and meet Abdul, the guardian of Riad De La Mer where we will be staying for the next two nights. Abdul leads us though the square,down a narrow tunnel into the mouth of the medina and to an unmarked door. Inside, the riad is a beautiful four floor residence which rises up out of the network of tunnels offering the stunning views of the ocean from its rooftop terrace. We take the honeymoon suite and our friends take the third floor apartment.
Our room boasts a king sized bed, cow skin rugs and its own skylight leading up to a private terrace, the fourth floor apartment has a lovely living room area and fireplace. With no signage and being so well hidden, this really is a secret jewel!
We drop off our bags and head straight out for the afternoon to explore the port and the beach, ending the day with tagine and cocktails at Taros, a stunning rooftop restaurant with live music overlooking the sea. So far, so civilised. The night concludes with 3 hours of shithead (yes really) in the fourth floor living room, copious amount of Smirnoff black and an electronic cigarette which smells suspiciously like chicken … Hmmm curious.
Day two and after a private breakfast on the terrace we head out into the heart of the medina for some retail therapy. So far the sprained ankle is just about coping with the 5 flights of stairs in the riad and I decide to forgo the usual strapping up malarkey for the trip. The medina is HUGE and sells just about everything you could ever need from handbags made from recycled coke cans to ‘magic’ jewellery boxes you will never be able to open. Our three hour expedition takes us through corridors of beautiful art work, jewellery, wooden carvings, rugs, clothes and leather goods and I am thoroughly shattered by the time I walk (okay limp) back to the riad to meet the boys.
We head straight out to eat a freshly caught lunch of gambas, squid, calamari, john dory, seabass and scampi at a makeshift diner of the side of port … An enormous feast for about £40 and the freshest seafood I have ever tasted. Sated, we stop at the beach after an apres lunch stroll and oh dear … my ankle has now swollen to the size of a golf ball.
I am without visible anklebone … I am clubfoot.

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