The curse of Tamri


So this is Tamri … Fast, strong, uneven waves … And the bane of my life. So far I’ve surfed this point 4 times and injured myself 3 of those times … currently recovering from a cracked/bruised rib and nursing a newly twisted ankle. As I write this I’m sitting waiting to teach my open yoga class at the surf camp wondering how I can demo the postures without causing more damage and sneezing sea water … Attractive.

My love hate relationship with Tamri (love the bigger faster waves, hate the strong current) has caused me to rethink my attitude to surfing. Being the competitive type I  am I’ve realised it’s not always good to “go big or go home” but to be gentle and patient with yourself. Perhaps it’s time to apply the attitude of a yogi on the surfboard as well as off it.

But I will I be able to pull back and have a rest from sitting out back? Watch this space

One thought on “The curse of Tamri

  1. Tried surfing Tamri when I was last over in Morocco! It was crazy! With added crazy cross shore winds it was almost impossible!

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