Dance yoga has landed!


So I finally got round to it and taught my first matless dance yoga class this week. As is with all dance related things, it was a bit spur of the moment but after a couple of hours choreography and a lot of sweat (it’s around 50 degrees in the shala in the daytime) we were ready to rock and roll.

Class began with a contemporary dance style floor based warm to to Massive Attack’s ‘Teardrop’ which saw the 6 students progressively stretching the spine, hips and legs. We then went onto the main phrase which started with sun salutations and flowed into warrior 3, wild thing, utthita hasta pandangusthasana and scorpion tail mixed in with breakdance moves including half windmill, threading and shoulder freeze. The group really enjoyed the class left so did I! Maybe I’m on to something here 😉

The class was filmed and is in the process of being converted to put up on the site. Watch this space x

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