Bolster hugging <3

Phew, so made it home without A) falling down one of the huge manholes in the road, B) getting bulldozed by 20 trash eating goats intent on forming a barricade, or C) getting completely lost in the pitch black and ending up halfway to Agadir.
Im now a month into teaching my first yoga retreat and learning to surf – currently trying to ride green waves and can now stand up on my board and ride in – progress!! I’m also now driving in Morocco which is crazy – cars swerving in and out of lanes and groups of pedestrians having conversations in front of your (moving) car … Good skills. Also teaching restorative yoga for the first time which is so different to my ashtanga background. My last class was 90 minutes long and my students wide a total of 6 lovely bolster hugging postures – it’s so lovely seeing people totally relax and the feedback has been awesome 🙂
Off to the souk with our guests tomorrow to try out my bartering skills also heading over to paradise valley to dive into waterfalls 🙂
Namaste 🙂

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