What do you name a turtle?

I am now the proud mother … not only of two kittens but a turtle and several toads. It seems the yoga villa is some sort of strange menagerie for random creatures which have either been donated or rescued. Naming cats shouldn’t be too taxing but what on earth do you name a turtle? Suggestions are most welcome!
The villa is undergoing construction work and looks like a bomb has gone off – rubble everywhere and only 4 days to finish the work until the next yoga retreat … Nobody is concerned though and it seems that this laid back vibe permeates into all areas of life here … according to the Moroccans, “Jenn no walk … Jenn run”. I wonder how long it will take me to adapt to this new pace of life?
My first yoga class on the terrace this evening went really well. Despite having to really speak up over the roar of the waves on the beach below us, a little bit of breakdancing gomukasana went down a treat 🙂 class was followed by a feast of chicken tagine and a trip up to the roof to catch more of last nights meteor shower.  
Just about to finish this blog post and the power has gone out in the whole village – it’s 11pm … The walk home up the winding cobbles to the staff house is going to be hairy in the pitch black and I currently can’t find the key … Oh dear :/

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